Power Pose

Grasshopper Pose (salabhasana)

Benefits : 1)Salabhasana is one of the best back strengthening yoga asanas as it strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower back. 2)This pose also stretches out your shoulders, chest, belly, and thighs and strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, arms, and legs. 3) This pose stimulates your abdominal muscles and improves your overall body posture which is one of the main benefits of Salabhasana. 4) It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety by calming your mind. 5) Salabhasana improves the balance of your body, rejuvenates it and increases its endurance capacity

Muscle System :
Leg, Vertebral column, Arm, Buttocks

Level of Difficulty :

Timing :
Morning & Evening

Accessories needed :
Yoga mat